lundi, juillet 06, 2020

The Dead Mauriacs - Danses pour les charmeurs de sangsues

Late in 2019, some Happy Fews received 
The Dead Mauriacs
a downloadable zipfile containing 
Danses pour les amazones et les charmeurs de sangsues.
 The Dead Mauriacs are now delighted to present 
Danses pour les charmeurs de sangsues,
a full extended album 
based on the aforementioned one, released by L'Art Pénultième.
This new album contains 
around 46 minutes of musical illuminations and nightmares
augmented by a short novel, 
a collection of tempera paintings, 
and a postcard.
This is limited to twenty physical copies 
and, of course, unlimited downloads...
Please, feel free to listen here :

PS : Note that the tracks are divided in 9 danses for convenience on Bandcamp.